Alleged robber in custody after trying to rob men, dropping gun

Police said [Cedrick Mitchell, age 39] entered a motel room and asked for pills from the two men inside. When they responded that they didn’t have any, Mitchell took out his gun and told the men “everything you got,” according to the Bradenton Herald.

Mitchell dropped his gun when the men began to fight with him, police say. One of the victims sprayed him with pepper spray and Mitchell ran away, authorities said.

…and then…:

He returned to the motel room minutes later and offered the men $40 in exchange for the gun he dropped, the Herald reported . He was pepper-sprayed in the face again.

Reports that Dakota County Attorney Jim Backstrom has said that this is an example of what will happen if the “Stand Your Ground” law passes are at this time unconfirmed.

It’s also unknown whether Champlin police chief David Kolb has recounted any stories of breaking into hotel rooms when he was a 10 year old boy, and wondering if a kid might get shot for that today.

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  1. There was a news story on WDFL on Friday evening about a Pharmacist in I believe the Chicago area that was fed up with being robbed. So, they showed the surveillance camera footage of some punk that came in, apparently unarmed, but handed her a threatening note in order to get her to hand over pills, he got pepper sprayed with a bear repellent instead. Here is a business person, defending her business by her choice of a non-lethal weapon. My point is that in 99.99% of the cases, reasonable and prudent people will use what they are comfortable with when defending themselves.

    By the way, the police caught the miscreant a few blocks away.

  2. According to one Democrat legistator, this law will be used primarily to shot Highway Helpers.

  3. This mornings news on the (as Mitch might say) ‘lesser’ AM talk station carried quotes from Heather Martans(sp?) saying that people will be murdered for merely ‘trespassing’. This was followed by a quote from Rep. Cornish pointing out that these are the exact same people who presented appocolyptic visions of a concealed carry law future only to have none of their visions come true.
    With that exception, I haven’t seen any other media operations put forth that the opponents of Stand Your Ground are the same people who were so ‘dead’ wrong on concealed carry. And the media wonders why people question their credibility.

  4. Seflores: Don’t expect consistency from the MSM. It’s their ‘chink in the armor,’ to steal a current lethal phrase. Remember – it’s not the reality of any situation that matters, but the perception. Words trump actions. Intent supersedes results.

    Get with the program!

  5. Dave Kolb is admitting to crimes here – stealing apples and trespassing. Didn’t anyone vet this dude? He should be prosecuted and fired for lying on his application.

  6. I heard that Martens twit on the radio Friday evening, saying “basically, they’ve legalized murder”.

    Twit is too kind of a description, but this is a family show.

  7. It’s funny. When I was planning to move to Minnesota in ’03, the concealed carry law had recently passed (I think). My wife was on a house hunting trip (and her first trip to MN) and came back questioning why nearly every public building had the “… DOES NOT ALLOW CONCEALED WEAPONS ON THE PREMISES” signs in the front window. Now these signs are a quaint, curious oddity from another time when you do see them. Like a spittoon.

  8. Bill I can do you one better on that, she is a Childish Unintelligent Nit Twit. I wonder if that makes it through the filter…

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