Tie – Or Better – In CD8?

An internal poll shows Chip Cravaack – the GOP-endorsed candidate for Congress in the Eighth Congressional District, within three points in his race against 17-term Representative Jim Oberstar.

The poll – by Public Opinion Strategies – was of 300 likely voters in the Eighth District.  It has a five point margin of error.

It shows the race at 45-42 Oberstar, with very few undecideds.

Even if Cravaack were to finish in November within twenty points against Oberstar – who has been winning races by 40-odd points in recent memory – it would have been a huge moral victory.

Even if it’s only partly true – that Cravaack is even close – that’s going to be a huge kick in the head for the DFL.

But it gets better: with messaging thrown in at the end of the poll – Cap and Trade (which will devastate mining in the range), regulation (which has kept a couple of big precious metals mining projects from starting digging) and Obamacare, the numbers switch to 47-41 Cravaack. And the “re-elect” number – “would you reelect Oberstar” – is 40%, versus 48 for “someone new”.

If this is true – if Cravaack upsets Oberstar in the Eighth, one of the most traditionally, reliably Democrat-voting districts there is outside of Berkeley, Manhattan and Minneapolis – then all bets are truly off in this election.

I’ll be following this very closely.

Because you can bet the mainstream media will not.

65 thoughts on “Tie – Or Better – In CD8?

  1. DG

    “boss – heat, kitchens? I hope that wasn’t a sexist remark.”

    Sexist? Nah! This is just my favorite quote from the last true Democrat that really cared about the office of the PoTUS, Harry Truman. If I was being sexist, I would have pulled out an old Hilary Clintoon quote; “well, I guess that I could have stayed home and baked cookies”. That said women do seem to be the biggest smokers of the liberat crack pipe. Just sayin’


    It is worse than that! HR 3534, aka The CLEAR Act has already passed the House! They sneaked it through on July 30.

    The passage of this piece of crap will mean the death of our sovereignty and especially our state’s economy! Imagine a life here where we can’t hunt, fish or participate in other water sports in MN! We all need to call Franken and Klobuchar and tell them to vote no on this debacle.

    Don’t take my word for it. Here is a link to a story on it.


  2. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the phrase “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” should not be directly engaged in a discussion about politics.

    Anyone who thinks the phrase could somehow be construed as “sexist,” should be laughed at until you pass out from lack of oxygen.

  3. Terry………is ‘Brick Savage’ your (hypothetical) porn name? Just wondering (typed while laughing).

    P.S. – thanks for always being both courteous and substantive – I should have recognized it was you from that.

    Boss – I was teasing you, too, with the ‘sexist’ question.
    The allegation you make about not hunting or fishing or participate in water sports – promoted by Limbaugh among others – has been thoroughly debunked by the fact checking organizations. What is crap is that rumor.

    Moral panic – hostility, disproportionality (fact check fail), volatility. Along with consensus (people like you believing it) and concern (it is intended to upset you)…yup, meets all five criteria. Don’t you get tired of being manipulated like that? It must be exhausting.

  4. DG;

    I got that. That’s why I was sarcastic in my response.

    Have you actually read HR 3534? You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, so I suggest that you do so and not just accept your left wing sources of “debunking”.

    The worst parts; all US waterways of any kind, will be under UN control, calls for the US to pay over $900M every year until 2024 and will INCREASE our dependence on foreign oil. Just like the Obumblercare bill, if the majority of the public had read that bill and understood that the costs were front loaded (meaning that we pay for it BEFORE we can use it) instead of listening to the lies from the media, there would be much more of an outcry. The fact that after it passed, so many people were trying to sign up for their “free health care”, just prove how much lying the left actually did. This is not a bill that we can pass “so that we know what’s in it”.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t be accusing anyone of being “manipulated”, because since I have been reading this blog, you appear to be one of the most gullible people that I have seen.

    That’s the stuff that exhausts me! Arguing with idiots!

  5. I just saw on the KSTP news that an ABC poll released last night show the tea party losing ground, and the republicans losing ground as well – though not as much.

    By the way – did you happen to notice the party IDs in ABC’s sample?

    Ten points in favor of the Dems.

    I’m sorry, DG. You need to do a LOT of homework when it comes to reading, to say nothing of quoting, polls.

  6. Using the time honored method of finding your porn name by adding the name of the street you grew up on to the name of your first pet, my porn name is . . . “Smokey Washington”.
    I don’t know why, but most people who know me find that hilarious.

  7. Now playing . . . Serving Ryan’s Privates, starring Nicky Kingswood!

    You dream big, kid. But not as big as Smokey Washington.

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